[DEV] Adding customer group to allow quotations for ALL products

If you want to add a customer group to allow or disallow to request quotes to all products, you can use this update script as a starting point.


NOTE: berfore altering your database, create a proper backup of your database! Always test this script on a development server before using on a live site.

This is a base script, serving as a starting point to create your own script. We can NOT guarantee this script will work flawlessly on every installation!!


Step 1:

Create a customer group (Customers => Customer groups)

Step 2:

Find the table 'core_resource' and search for 'qquoteadv_setup' and write down the version number

Step 3:

Find in table 'customer_group' the 'customer_group_id'

Step 4:

Open the attached file and replace the 'customer_group_id' with your 'customer_group_id'. Other variables can be adjusted as needed.

Step 5:

CREATE BACKUP OF YOUR DATABASE! Place the file in the folder:


Make sure the name of the file is correct for updating the database. Adjust the ../etc/config.xml version number to match you file update number.

Step 6:

Run a page.


The table 'quoteadv_group_allow' should be updated with all the products. If something went wrong, replace the table with the original table and reset the 'core_resource' number to it's original state and try again.

If multiple customer groups need to be added, change the customer group_id and run the script again.

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    I'm not getting the table to update, nothing is happening

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