[DEV] Installing Open Source files Cart2Quote

If you ordered the Enterprise Open Source release of Cart2Quote the direct download link provided on our website will still contain the encrypted version of our module. The Open Source files will be sent to you by email.

If you did not recieve the open source files by email, please let us know. Please provide us with your ordernumber so we can send you the Open Source files.


Difference between Encrypted version and Open Source release.

The Open Source files are in functionality exactly the same as the encrypted files. The only difference is that the license check is missing. Therefore there's no need for a license key for the Open Source release.


What if I installed the Ecrypted Version first?

If you installed the encrypted files first and later ordered or recieved the Open Source files, you can just copy the Open Source files over the Encrypted files.


This only works for unmodified files and files from the SAME Cart2Quote version!

If you edited/modified some of our files to integrate the module into your installation and don't want to replace ALL the files, you can just replace the emncrypted files only with the open source files --works with files from the same Cart2Quote version only! --

The Following files are encrypted:









CRMaddon (from Cart2Quote v4.1.5):




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