Boost My Shop (Customer Quote) vs. Cart2Quote

Compare Boost My shop vs. Cart2Quote Quotation module

This review and comparison have been based on the facts available at the time of writing. Contact Cart2Quote for and up to date comparison and recommendation. 

Solid product management

Cart2Quote uses Magento product core functionality whereas Boost my Shop creates a new product for every new quotation.
The workaround BMS has will mean your product reporting etc will no longer work and your product database will grow with every quote you send. Cart2Quote has a very solid quotation engine which fully utilizes the Magento core functionality and keeps Magento product reporting intact and the product catalog clean and tidy.


Native Support for all Magento product types

Cart2Quote fully support Magento configurable, bundled products and items with custom options.
BMS changes the logic of Magento products (i.e. bundled and configurable products become simple products)


User interaction design

Cart2Quote has a more user-friendly workflow both on the front-end for the customer as for the store administrator.
A proposal is created in mere seconds as is the possibility to convert a proposal or quote request directly to an order.


Convert Quotes to orders via backend

Cart2Quote has a complete admin panel which enables the shopowner to not only create new quotes and proposals via the backend, but he can also convert quotes into orders directly and complete the order for the customer via the backend.


Other differences:

  • No need to register customer before submit quote (this happens automatically)
  • Ability to add notes per product with quote request
  • Ability to add multiple qty's per product line (Tiers)
  • Ability to request additional customer details
  • Change request by the customer on the flow (add subtract products, qty's etc)
  • Nice styled Magento HTML templates
  • Automatic proposals
  • Communicate with the customer via the backend by a mini-CRM system

Also, have a look at our screenshots for the other features and our video-cast for more information.



"Cart2Quote is awesome. Compared to the other quote extensions out there
such as the boostmyshop quotation extension, This blows it out of the water."

Kyle W., Sales at Wireless Sounds
United States



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    Nicolas Mella

    I currently use Boostmyshop Quotation module, but I am looking to change because of some problems I could not solve.

    I difference I see, is that Cart2Quote cannot add fake products, while it can be done on Boostmyshop quote.

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    The Development Team



    Updated March 2016 - Cart2Quote now supports on the fly product creation. Learn more >>


    Hi Nicolas,

    It's correct that Cart2Quote does not support "fake" products. BMS has this functionality as they create a new product for every new quote. Basically all quotes are creating a "fake" product. In our opinion this is not Magento best practice. 

    How can you create "custom product" quotes with Cart2Quote? 

    Rather than creating a new product for every new quote (or even for every "fake product", we advocate fully using the Magento processes and keeping your database clean and tidy, You can do this by:

    Subdivide your product database into sections, where you expect the custom products (fake product) to be needed.

    i.e. if you wholesale promotional gifts, you might have the following product categories:

    • USB sticks
    • T-shirts
    • Mocks
    • Pens
    • etc. 

    For every subcategory/section you create one new product. For example with the names:

    • Custom USB stick
    • Custom T-shirt
    • Custom mock
    • Custom pen
    • etc.

    Note: depending on the nature of your products you can make these products simples, bundles, configurables etc.

    Note: If you receive a request for an item that does not fit in any of your custom product sections, you will have to create this custom product first.

    When you receive a Quote Request for a custom product, simply select one of the custom categorial products and add the custom information for this product into the free text areas or configure the product based on the product type you selected for the custom products for that product in the Back-end.


    Your customer will now receive a proposal that is fully customized.

    You are sending proposals in a structured format.

    Your Magento database remains clean.

    Your sales and product reporting stays reliable. 






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