[DEV] Which database tables are created by Cart2Quote

Cart2Quote is creating four tables in the SQL database of Magento

This is the Cart2Quote folder that initiate the creation of the Database tables:

These tables are automatically created by Cart2Quote as you upload the module on you FTP serverquoteadv_crmaddon_messages

  • quoteadv_crmaddon_messages
  • quoteadv_crmaddon_templates
  • quoteadv_customer
  • quoteadv_extraoptions
  • quoteadv_group_allow
  • quoteadv_product
  • quoteadv_quote_address
  • quoteadv_request_item
  • quoteadv_rotation
  • quoteadv_shipping_rate


If the tables are not created please look in the core_resource table where path is qquoteadv_setup and remove the row and empty your cache to re-initiate the setup scripts
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