[DEV] How to change address in the email templates.

In the email templates you can change the address by replacing 

 {{var quote.getBillingAddressFormatted().format('html')}}

with other address details from the quoteadv_customer table where each field can be called.
for instance to print the shipping_firstname field you can use  {{var quote.getShippingFirstname()}}

Common fields:

{{var quote.getShippingCompany()}}

{{var quote.getShippingFirstname()}}

{{var quote.getShippingLastname()}}

{{var quote.getShippingAddress()}}

{{var quote.getShippingPostcode()}}

{{var quote.getShippingRegion()}}

{{var quote.getShippingCountryId()}}

{{var quote.getShippingTelephone()}}






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