[FIX] Cart2Quote v4.3.0 - "... cannot be quotated for the requested quantity."


We advise to update your Cart2Quote v4.3.0 to v4.3.1 for FREE here:



If you get the following error in Cart2Quote v4.3.0:


 "... cannot be quotated for the requested quantity."


Please update you Cart2Quote installation with the attached package to Cart2Quote v4.3.01


For IonCube loaders before v4.6.1 you need the C2Q4.3.0_update2_v4.3.01_Ion7.zip file

(Before downloading the update, please check your IonCube loader version on your webserver. You can use our installation tool provided with our packages:

Copy the following folder from your Cart2Quote installation package to your servers root folder:


The run [YOUR WEBSITE]/cart2quote-install/check/index.php and test the IonCube loader. Follow the onscreen instructions from IonCube to get you current IonCube loader version.)

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