Front-end visibillity - Use Ajax Add to Quote

Set this option to Yes if you want to show a popup with the message This product is added to your quotation list. Set to No to send customers to either the quotation list or a notification. Please specify this in the option Cart2Quote - Advanced Settings - Frontend - After Adding a Product Redirect To Quotation List.

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    We have noticed that with the ajax option and the file upload uption, the file won't be uploaded since the ajax function does not command to force upload. Pease tell us how to fix.

    Thank you

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    Bram van Dooren

    Hello Bojan,

    I see that this question is a year old, but I still would like to answer it, just for reference.
    The issue with a file upload and ajax was solved in `Cart2Quote version 5.2.3`.

    Updating would solve your issue.

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