How-to: Re-run the Cart2Quote Database scripts

Step 1: Be prepared

 You need to have the following credentials:

  • Magento admin access: Your credentials for the backend (http://storename/admin)
  • Database access: Your PhpMyAdmin credentials and URL.


Step 2: Go to SQL input box

Login to PhpMyAdmin website and press the SQL tab.


Step 3: Insert the update query:

Insert the following query:

(Don't forget to replace YOUR_DATABASE with your database name)

UPDATE `YOUR_DATABASE`.`core_resource` SET `version` = '4.3.0', `data_version` = '4.3.0' WHERE `core_resource`.`code` = 'qquoteadv_setup';



Step 4: Log in the Magento back-end

Go to your Magento back-end and login. (


The Cart2Quote database scripts will now run again.





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