How to change email templates for Cart2Quote

Step 1: Log in to your Magento backend

 You need to have the following credentials:

  1. Magento admin access: Your credentials for the backend (http://storename/admin)


Step 2: Go to transactional emails

In your MAgento backend go to: System > Transactional emails


Step 3: Add a new email template

Press Add New Template:


Step 4Load Cart2Quote template

At the box Load default template select in the template dropdown the desired Cart2Quote template:


cart2quote accepted The email template the customer receives when accepting a quote
cart2quote alternative checkout The email template the customer receives when you have configured alternative checkout
cart2quote cancel The email template the customer receives when the quote is canceled.
cart2quote expired The email template the customer receives when the quote is expired.
cart2quote new account The email template the customer receives when creating a new account.
cart2quote proposal The email template the customer receives when sending a quote proposal.
cart2quote reject The email template the customer receives when rejecting a quote.
cart2quote reminder The email template the customer receives when you send a reminder.
cart2quote request The email template the customer receives when the quote is created.
cart2quote request details The email template the customer receives when the quote is created.

After this load the desired Locale and press Load Template.


Step 5Customize the template

  • Give your template a name in the field: Template Name.
  • Give your email a Subject in the field: Template Subject.
  • Customize your email template by editing the field: Template Content.


Changing your logo

By editing the code images/logo_email.gif to an URL with your logo you can change your logo:

<td valign="top">

<a href="{{store url=""}}"><img src="{{skin url="images/logo_email.gif"
_area='frontend'}}" alt="Magento" style="margin-bottom:10px;" border="0"/></a>


Available Custom fields 

Quote ID {{var quote.quote_id}}
Created at {{var quote.created_at}}
Proposal sent {{var quote.proposal_sent}}
Updated at {{var quote.updated_at}}
Expiry Date {{var quote.expiry}}
Reminder Date {{var quote.reminder}}
Currency {{var quote.currency}}
Customer Company {{var}}
Customer Firstname {{var quote.firstname}}
Customer Lastname {{var quote.lastname}}
Customer Middlename {{var quote.middlename}}
Customer Email {{var}}
Customer Region {{var quote.region}}
Customer City {{var}}
Customer Address {{var quote.address}}
Customer Zip {{var quote.postcode}}
Customer Telephone {{var quote.telephone}}
Customer Fax {{var quote.fax}}
Shipping Firstname {{var quote.shipping_firstname}}
Shipping Middelname {{var quote.shipping_middlename}}
Shipping Lastname {{var quote.shipping_lastname}}
Shipping Company {{var quote.shipping_company}}
Shipping Region {{var quote.shipping_region}}
Shipping City {{var quote.shipping_city}}
Shipping Address {{var quote.shipping_address}}
Shipping Zipcode {{var quote.shipping_postcode}}
Shipping Phone {{var quote.shipping_telephone}}
Shipping Fax {{var quote.shipping_fax}}

Step 6Save your template

After you have customized the email template, press Save Template.

Step 7Load your template

Go to your Cart2Quote settings:

System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Quotations > Emails for Quote Requests

Select the email setting you would like to change, e.g. the New request Template.

Select the new email template.


Step 8Save your settings

Press Save Config.


Now repeat this for all the desired Transactional Emails.

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    Is there a variable that I can use to pull display the email of the designated sales person?

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    Alexander Oltrop

    HI, do you have standard email templates which i can see in German, Dutch and English?

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    Are the custom fields available in the CRM templates. The {{x}} seem to pass through to the content without a fetch.

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