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Beta Features: About

In some releases of Cart2Quote you can find 'BETA' features. What does this mean?

Beta features are features that are still in development and for testing purposes only, these features can be used in production environments, but are most likely not entirely bugfree. We also do not support these features in our helpdesk and functionality can only be used just 'as is'.

We do like to hear error reports from you regarding these features, so we can improve the functionality.


What features are Beta?

Added C2Q Version Feature -
16-05-2014 4.3.0 Shipping Method Calculation  


Enable the Beta features

Login to Magento backend: http://yourdomain/admin

Go to: System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Quotations > General

Set Beta features to Yes.


Give us feedback

If you have feedback on the BETA-features, don't hasitate and submit your feedback: Request a ticket

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