How to install ionCube locally

So you would like to test Cart2Quote locally before using and deploying our package to your webserver? A wise decision! To protect our intellectual property we have encrypted our software using ionCube. Therefore you need to have ionCube installed on your server. This tutorial will guide you to the process of installing ionCube on a local apache webserver and cover installation on MAMP, XAMPP and WAMP. 

The focus is on installing ionCube. This means we will not cover the installation of magento or installation of Cart2Quote. For installation of Cart2Quote we refer to our installation manual.

Step 1 - Downloading ionCube

Visit the ionCube website at: and download the correct loader for your operating system. Extract the downloaded archive file ( for example the .zip archive ).

Step 2 - The ionCube Wizard

You can install ionCube manually but the folks at ionCube included a wonderful wizard to guide you trough the process and help you select the right version. So let’s use that!

Copy “loader-wizard.php” within the ionCube archive to your document root of your magento installation. This is the folder containing your magento installation, for example ‘htdocs’, ‘public’ or ‘webroot’.

Now visit your local web address followed by the script name. For most default local installations this will be  “http://localhost/loader-wizard.php” but this may be different depending on your local installation.

You should see a screen that looks a bit like:


If you have not installed ionCube the screen will also provide several error message’s. “Please note that the following problems currently exist with the ionCube Loader installation:”. For ionCube to work we need to address these problems.

Below the error message’s are clear installation instructions how to install ionCube on your local installation. So our next step is to take care of these steps.

Step 3 - Downloading ionCube

First of all download the correct archive, the ionCube wizard will tell you exactly what archive you can use.

Next add the ionCube loader to your php installation, the ionCube wizard will tell you exactly where to put them. Extract the downloaded archive and copy the complete ionCube folder to the given location.

Now we need to edit the right php.ini file. The ionCube wizard will tell you which file you need. Make sure you pick the right one. Installations of XAMPP, MAMP or WAMP may include multiple versions of php and multiple php.ini files.

Step 4 - Restart your local apache server

For it to work we need to restart apache. Restart MAMP, XAMPP or WAMP. If you followed the steps given by the ionCube wizard correctly everything should work. To test if this is the case reload the ionCube wizard.

If you installed ionCube successful you should see a green message box what says “Loader Installed”.

Step 5 - Cleaning up

Last thing you should do is remove the “loader-wizard.php” from your document root.

Great, now you have ionCube installed locally, Congratulations!

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