Sending email results in white page or error 500.

In Magento EE 1.14 and and CE 1.9 are responsive emails introduced.

If you use "{{template config_path="design/email/header"}}" in a email template, it loads an email template that is set in "System > Configuration > General > Design > Transactional Emails".

However, if the email template that is selected in that setting also uses "{{template config_path="design/email/header"}}", then it creates an infinite loop.

That can result in a white page, an error 500 page, a 'maximum nesting level reached' error, an 'execution timeout' error or a 'memory size exhausted' error.

This error is not specific for Cart2Quote, but would affect your whole store, so it is advisable to check if this is not te case.

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    Bram van Dooren

    Note: In Cart2Quote v5.1.4 we have build a check that shows a waring for this issue.
    (The warning is visible in: "System > Configuration > Cart2Quote > Support > Other")

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