Change the Sort Order (Sequence) of Products in a Quotation

You can easily change the order of products in a quotation you just made.

1. Click "Edit Products" on the quote page. This basically sends you to the order screen in the Magento Backend.

2. Choose the products you want to change the order sequence of.

3.  Select "Move to Shopping Cart" for each product in the dropdown on the right, then click "Update Items and Qty's". Now all selected products will be transferred to the Shopping Cart on the left.

4. "Click the second of the two checkboxes" beside the product description in the shopping cart of the product you want to see first in your quotation. Then click "Update Changes". The selected product will be transferred back. Repeat this process until all product are quotable again.

5. Click "Update Quotation" on the bottom of the page. Now your quotation has been updated with the new order sequence.

TIP: Watch the attached video for a clear example of the workflow. (watch video)

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