Module compatibility list

Cart2Quote is out of the box compatible with modules that do not overwrite the classes or templates of Magento that are utilized by Cart2Quote.

The list below contains modules that have been made compatible with the latest version of Cart2Quote by code changes in the Cart2Quote module.

However, no guarantees are offered as most third party modules are frequently amended by their developers. In that case, Cart2Quote can be hired to re-develop the compatibility for your store and version details.

The version number after the third party module name indicates the Cart2Quote version where the compatibility was first established.


(5.1.4) Amasty_Conf (except the "Use Price of Simple Products" option)

(5.2.0) Amasty_Smtp

(5.0.5) Aschroder_SMTPPro

(5.2.3) Ayasoftware_SimpleProductPricing

(5.2.0) Bronto_Email

(5.2.1) Ebizmarts_Mandrill

(5.0.5) Fooman_Surcharge

(4.4.0) HHVM (Only for the non-encrypted edition)

(5.0.5) IWD_SalesRepresentative

(5.0.3) Enterprise_PageCache

(5.1.0) Magextension_SDOCP

(4.3.1) MageWorx_CustomOptions / APO

(5.2.3) MageWorx_DeliveryZone (Optional, needs small code edit)

(5.2.0) Most email modules

(5.2.2) PHP 7

(5.1.0) Powersync for Salesforce

(5.0.5) TM_AjaxPro (in /qquoteadv/index/, no full support)


This list is not frequently updated, so make sure to contact our support desk to get the latest update on a compatibility.

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