Request Quote without User Account


Cart2Quote often does receive the question:

"How can I allow quote requests from my customers without them having
to create a Magento account in my store?"

This question is a request for a similar functionality as the Magento Guest Checkout.

Just like the Magento guest checkout feature Cart2Quote also will require a Magento account to be created. However, you can configure Cart2Quote in such a way that the customer is not bothered by this requirement. You need to set the following Cart2Quote options:

  • Registration Mode: Allow Quote submission with a known email address, without login first.
  • Email Templates: Disable all account-related e-mails
  • Auto User Login: Yes


Registration Mode 



Email Templates


Auto User Login & Auto Confirm Proposal


With these settings enabled you will create an account free user experience for your customers.


Additionally, you can also from the e-mail redirect the customer straight to the checkout. This way the customer dashboard will also remain hidden for the customer.

  • Use Auto Confirm Proposal: Yes

Having configured Cart2Quote in this way, you can expect the following customer journey when requesting a quote:

Your (new) customer arrives at your webstore, adds one or a few items to the quote list. He or she fills out the form. In case this is a returning customer, Cart2Quote will not ask to log in. Once the form is filled out and submitted, the store owner receives the request and answers with a price proposal. The customer receives an e-mail with the price proposal and is enabled use the proceed to checkout button and is redirected straight to the Magento checkout, without having to log in first.




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