No Custom Product available!

In case the custom product has not been added after updating the Cart2Quote module or has been deleted by accident, this article will show you how to add a new custom product yourself.


Step 1:

Navigate in your back-end menu to Catalog -> Products.

From there start by clicking on "Add Product" then select "Simple Product".



Step 2:

For the custom product to work, you need to make sure the SKU is set to "custom-product".



Step 3: 

We recommend disabling Manage Stock this way you will make sure you won't run into any stock issues in the future.



Step 4:

Set "Visibility" to "Not Visible Individually" this will prevent the product from being visible to the customers in the front-end.



Step 5:

Scroll down to "Customizable Options" and add the options like shown below. For the feature to work it's very important that "Option Title" is set to name, sku and price(make sure characters are lower case). Finally, make sure "Option Type" is set to "Field". 


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